Beverly International Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs 552 grams

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Beverly International Glutamine Select Plus BCAAs supports the fastest possible improvements in the appearance and performance of your physique by tackling a little known but pervasive condition known as "anabolic fatigue".

Glutamine Select rests on solid scientific grounds. By partnering glutamine with BCAA in quantities clinically-proven to be effective in bodybuilding athletes, its tremendous anabolic energy can finally be uncapped, enabling users to achieve levels of muscle protein, glycogen, mass, strength and hardness not possible by relying on the diet alone.*

  • Protect muscle glutamine levels*
  • Support glycemia (blood glucose levels)*
  • Support arginine & nitric oxide (NO) levels*
  • Reduce ammonia accumulation during exercise*
  • Reduce exercise-induced muscle damage*
  • Reduce central (CNS) and peripheral (e.g. muscle) fatigue*
  • Support arginine and nitric oxide levels*
  • Stimulate protein synthesis*
  • Replenish Krebs (tricarboxylic acid) cycle intermediates*
  • Support ATP levels*
  • Increase muscle cell volume*
  • Increase muscle glycogen storage*
  • Support immune system regulation*
  • Support recovery from exercise*
  • Reduce impact of overtraining*
  • Protect against muscle atrophy*
  • Increase muscle mass & strength*
  • Increase energy expenditure (calorie-burning)*
  • Support electrolyte levels*
  • Support immune system function*




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