Diet-Friendly Sweets to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

One of the biggest challenges on a diet is giving up foods you love, but you don’t have to! At least, you don’t have to give up sweets if you choose well. That’s because there are all sorts of diet-friendly choices to fit every diet and sweet craving. Netrition has low-sugar, keto-friendly, high-protein, and more chocolates and candies so you never have to choose between feeling deprived and feeling guilty. Here are some options.

Sugar-Free and Keto Chocolate

What would life be without chocolate? Lucky for you, you don’t need to find out. Instead, look through Netrition’s collection of diet-friendly chocolates, including ones that are sugar-free or low in sugar, keto-friendly, or high in protein.

These are some diet-friendly choices.

  • Milk, dark, and white chocolate bars and baking chips.
  • Peanut butter cups and Chocolate with peanuts, almonds, or crispy bits.
  • Mini chocolate candies.
  • Chocolate covered caramels and other truffles.
  • Chocolate protein bars.

Whatever you love, you can find it in a diet-friendly version. You can eat these chocolates on their own, savoring each bite of rich, creamy chocolate. Or you can try them with other foods. For example, you can mix chocolate candies with nuts and keto pretzels or cereal for a snack mix, or melt chocolate and spread it on zero-carb bread.

Sugar-Free Hard Candy

Hard candy can help pass the time without too many calories, but have you ever wondered what that sugar is doing to your teeth? Instead, why not opt for sugar-free varieties? They taste amazing, and they don’t leave sugar on your teeth or spike your blood sugar. These are just a few types.

  • Sugar-Free Butterscotch and Fruit-Flavored
  • Sugar-Free Mint Twist Candies
  • Sugar-Free Mints, including in fruity flavors.

Netrition even has Lollipops to make it more fun. Carry a bag of hard candies with you to have whenever a craving hits, and enjoy your little secret of sweetness without guilt.

Sugar-Free Gummies and Chewy Candy

How would you like to eat something chewy, sweet, and guilt-free? Give it a try with any of our sugar-free gummy or chewy options. 

  • Red and black licorice
  • Swedish Fish
  • Sweet and sour gummy bears
  • Jelly beans

These types of candies can take you right back to your childhood, but they don’t carry the same load of calories or sugar. You can be care-free again.

Many of our chewy candies even have extra benefits, such as being extra high in fiber or protein. Think how good it may feel to be getting nutrients while you are eating sweet treats.

Whatever candies you try, you can fit them into your diet. They’re even more helpful when you choose them instead of sugary sweets. Instead of caving into temptation, such as when someone offers you candy, you can just pull out your own favorite, sugar-free alternatives. That way, you can feel included and stay happy on your diet.

Everyone deserves to have treats, even on a low-carb, weight loss, or keto diet. Netrition has all kinds of diet-friendly sweets to satisfy your sweet tooth while staying on your plan. Check out our choices for sugar-free, low-carb and high-protein chocolates and candies, and see how you can make every day more fun while losing weight.

Diet-friendly sweets