Double Impact: How Intermittent Fasting and Keto Drive Weight Loss

Recently, two dietary strategies have garnered significant attention - intermittent fasting and the ketogenic (or keto) diet. The question posed by many is what the result would be if these two approaches were combined. The answer lays in the immersive experiences of some, who claim that engaging in both intermittent fasting and a keto approach simultaneously can lead to numerous benefits, notably weight loss. As with any health-related change, it's essential to consult a healthcare professional before diving into these diet plans.

Understanding the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is highly restrictive of carbohydrates, permitting only between 20 to 50 grams per day. In perspective, that's only around 10 to 20 percent of the daily carb intake of most people. The aim of this diet is to compel the body to switch from using carbs for energy to utilizing stored body fats.

A typical keto diet is rich in fats, moderately filled with proteins, and extremely low in carbohydrates. Low-carb foods include:

  • Meat, poultry, and seafood
  • Eggs
  • Cream and cheese
  • Non-starchy vegetables
  • Peanuts, nuts, and seeds
  • Berries

The diet usually excludes grains, starchy vegetables, and high sugar foods and beverages.

The Basics of Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting comprises alternating between periods of not eating (fasting) and eating. Different patterns exist for intermittent fasting, such as:

  • The 5:2 strategy, where normal eating occurs for five days and intake is significantly restricted for the other two, limiting to about 500 calories on those two days without excessive eating on the other five days.
  • The 16:8 method, where fasting is done for 16 hours and meals and snacks are consumed within the remaining 8-hour window. The key is not to eat solidly for those 8 hours, but to keep all food intake within that window.
  • 24-hour fasts, which involve abstaining from eating for full 24-hour periods occasionally.

Pairing Intermittent Fasting and Keto

When integrated properly, intermittent fasting and the keto diet can lead to weight loss. Reason being:

  • Cutting out sugar-laden foods and beverages, and grain products - these are often calorie-dense.
  • Fasting periods often skip high-calorie foods due to restrictions.
  • Strict compliance with the guidelines of the diets is likely to produce weight loss.

Sample intermittent fasting and keto diet meals could include:

  • Breakfast (10:00 a.m.) - eggs with spinach and feta cheese
  • Lunch (1:00 p.m.) – chicken with melted cheese served over broccoli
  • Snack (4:00 p.m.) – celery sticks with peanut butter
  • Dinner (6:00 p.m.) – pecan and parmesan-crusted tilapia with green beans

Health Considerations for Combining Intermittent Fasting and Keto

Before undertaking a combined diet like intermittent fasting and keto, ensure you collaborate with your health provider to develop a safe plan.

Tips for managing health risk during such diets include:

  • Individuals with blood sugar conditions, like prediabetes and diabetes, should approach intermittent fasting with caution.
  • Watch for potential side effects, such as nausea, headaches, and bad breath from a keto diet, or low blood sugar from intermittent fasting.
  • Make heart-healthy choices, choosing healthy fats instead of saturated fats.
  • Stay well-hydrated during the diet and ensure to create maintainable eating habits even when you attain your weight goal.

It's good to note long-term effects of these diets are yet to be fully understood and they could potentially carry risks.

Easing the Weight Loss Journey with Keto-Friendly Foods

Loss becomes more manageable when you appreciate the foods on your diet plan, providing a sense of satisfaction rather than depriving yourself. Netrition offers a range of keto-friendly, ready-to-eat or prepare meals and snacks to fulfill this. They also supply products to aid during fasting periods such as hydrating teas, electrolyte boosters, and low-sodium broths.

Introducing a combined keto diet with intermittent fasting might appear like a path towards dramatic weight loss. As extreme as these diets appear, they can be inducted safely under the guidance of a healthcare provider. Using products from Netrition, you may find adherence easier and results manifesting sooner.

Intermittent fasting and keto diet