Ketone Esters and Weight Loss: Is it Necessary to Eat Low Carb to Stay in Ketosis?

While low carb advocates are well aware of ketosis, ketone esters may be a little less familiar to the average low carb dieter. Many people who are on a low carb diet will consume a very low amount of carbs per day in order to enter ketosis - which is essentially the promised land for weight loss when it comes to low carb dieting.

What is Ketosis?

Ketosis is a natural metabolic state that the body undergoes when blood sugar and liver glycogen are no longer present. It's accomplished by consuming very little carbohydrates over a period of several days, totaling roughly 50 grams per day - although around 30 grams of carbohydrates is the sweet spot to maintain ketosis.

Ketosis is beneficial to low carb diets because it forces the body to burn fat as energy rather than carbohydrates. This can result in rapid fat loss for some people, although the effects may level off after a period of time. However, remaining in ketosis will allow low carb dieters to continuously lose weight.

What are Ketone Esters?

Ketone esters, also known as exogenous ketones, is a popular dietary supplement that recently came into market. Ketone esters are beneficial for those who need to limit carb intake, but still need energy to get through the day.

One of the downfalls of initially entering ketosis is fatigue. In fact, it's one of the many symptoms that low carb dieters will likely experience when they enter ketosis. However, ketone esters offer an antidote to ketone-generated fatigue.

On a biochemical level, ketone esters can bypass the brain's blockage of the path to use sugar for energy - which offers a variety of benefits.

What are the Benefits of Ketone Esters?

Aside from increased energy, ketone esters also help low carb dieters with various goals, from weight loss to performance. These benefits include:

  • Increased athletic performance: The boost in energy naturally enables low carb dieters to work harder and faster at the gym
  • Improved mental clarity: Brain fog is also a symptom of ketosis, but ketone esters will help you keep a clear state of mind
  • Continuous weight loss: Since ketone esters help the body to burn fat, those who take this supplement can experience ongoing weight loss. This is especially the case when you continue to exercise while taking ketone esters
  • Enter ketosis at an accelerated rate: KetoSports Keto Force ketone ester product is designed to accelerate ketosis and ease metabolic transition

Can You Lose Weight with Ketone Esters on a High Carb Diet?

In order to enter ketosis, you must consume no more than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day. While ketone esters help you to enter ketosis at a faster rate, they do not simply cancel out the carbohydrates that you consume.

The purpose of ketone esters is to help accelerate ketosis, gain more energy, and give a boost to your athletic performance at the gym. It's a great supplement to complement your low carb diet, but it will not replace your low carb diet entirely.

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