Rediscovering Youth: The Key Benefits of Collagen for Anti-Aging
We all yearn for soft and smooth skin, reminiscent of our youth, and the flexibility we once had as children. However, the natural aging process, combined with various factors such as diet, environmental factors, sun exposure, smoking, genetics, and hormones, can cause our skin and joints to suffer. Unfortunately, as we age, we start losing collagen, the essential protein responsible for the elasticity in our skin, strength in our hair and nails, and overall connective tissue support.

But don't fret! Research suggests that collagen supplements, particularly hydrolyzed collagen, may have remarkable anti-aging properties related to skin, bone, hair, and joint health. For instance, studies conducted by Skin Pharmacology and Physiology demonstrated that participants who took collagen hydrolysate for eight weeks showed statistically significant improvement in skin elasticity compared to those who received a placebo. Similarly, a 24-week study at Penn State University involving athletes with activity-related joint pain indicated that collagen hydrolysate may contribute to joint health and potentially reduce the risk of joint deterioration.

When it comes to sourcing collagen, homemade bone broth made from bovine collagen is widely regarded as the best option. However, we understand that making bone broth may not always be convenient. In such cases, collagen supplements in powder or capsule form can serve as an excellent alternative. It is essential to choose a collagen supplement that is already hydrolyzed, meaning the collagen has been broken down into easily digestible and absorbable forms. Look for supplements containing hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, as they are the most easily digested and absorbed form.

At Netrition, we offer a variety of collagen supplements from reputable brands, including both powder and capsule options. Collagen powder can be effortlessly dissolved in water, hot or cold liquids, and added to coffee, juice, smoothies, ice cream, or oatmeal. A recommended daily intake of 1-2 tablespoons for a few months may yield noticeable improvements in skin, hair, nails, and joint health. We particularly recommend NuNaturals Collagen Peptides, which provide 7g of hydrolyzed bovine collagen per tablespoon, with no taste and instant mixing.

For collagen capsules, it is advisable to take them on an empty stomach, roughly 2-3 hours after eating or at bedtime to optimize absorption. NeoCell Super Collagen + C is one of our favorites, as it contains hydrolyzed bovine collagen and added Vitamin C, which supports the natural production of collagen in the body.

When incorporating collagen into your daily routine, consider adding Vitamin C as a supplement since it aids in the body's collagen production.
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