Snack Options on a Diet

What snacks can you eat on a diet? Spoiler alert: you can have all kinds! That’s because almost any type of snack you can name on a regular diet is available at Netrition in a diet-friendly form. Chips, bars, cookies, crackers, nuts, and so much more are all on hand, and all suitable for special diets. 

A good snack tides you over until the next meal, but there’s more. It might offer important nutrients, such as protein, fat, or fiber, that can satisfy hunger or help you reach your goals. It must fit into your diet plan. And, it absolutely needs to taste great. We say, “That’s no problem!” Here are just a few snack options on a diet.

Chips and More

Chips may be classic snack foods, and Netrition has a full range of Potato and Tortilla Chips, not to mention other salty and crunchy snacks, such as Crackers, Pretzels, and Crispbread. Many choices are high in protein and keto-friendly, and flavors include Ranch, BBQ, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Nacho Cheese, and Sour Cream & Onion.

Cereal, Cookies, Snack Cakes, and More Sweets

Sweet snacks have a place, too, whether it’s mid-morning, late afternoon, or after dinner. Netrition has Low-Carb and Keto Cereal, Cookies, and Cakes, and many of them are high in protein, too. Brownies, chocolate chip cookies, honey nut cereal, and Mug Cake Mixes are all on the table. Protein Pudding, Protein Gelatin, and Sugar-Free Chocolate can also satisfy a sweet tooth, guilt-free.

Cheese, Bean, and Seed Snacks

Are you looking for something simple and natural? We have you covered with all manner of snacks made with one key ingredient and sometimes a few ingredients for flavor. Cheese Bites, Cheese Bars, and Cheese Sticks are a few examples, but if cheese isn’t your thing, other choices include Pinto, Fava, Lupini, and White Bean Snacks, as well as Edamame. Flavored Pumpkin Seeds are a choice for natural fiber and protein.

Meat and Fish Snacks

Something hearty and flavorful can be just the thing, and you don’t have to cook your own chicken or worry about transporting or storing meat or fish. Just opt for a natural meat, chicken, or fish snack. Examples include Salmon Snack Strips, Salmon Skin Cracklets, Meat Bars in different flavors and based on chicken, bison, venison, beef, or other meats, and Beef Protein Snacks. They’re naturally low-carb and protein-rich. 

Peanut Butter and Dips

Do you want to bring your own vegetables or fruit to the table, or do you need something to dip your low-carb crackers, chips, or pretzels into? Peanut Butter Spreads come in amazing flavors such as Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Toffee Crunch, and Cookie Butter, and they’re low in sugar. Protein Cheddar Cheese Dip and Calorie Free Dips are more choices to pair with your healthy snack.

It’s not hard to find great snack options on a diet when you shop at Netrition. Sweet, salty, crunchy, and creamy, we have all kinds of snacks that can satisfy cravings and keep you on track. Browse our aisles and stock up so you never run out and have to reach for something less healthy again.

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