Are New Low Carbers Doomed To Fail?

By Cheri

I was in Super Walmart today, where I came across a huge display of low carb paraphernalia. Huddled around it were several newer low carbers. They were loading up their shopping carts. Have these products doomed these "newbies" to failure? The mass of misinformation is astounding. People are assuming that just because all these products are there, they have free reign to eat them in abundance. This is just not true. Unfortunately, this might lead people into a false sense of security, like the little devil on their shoulder whispering in their ear.. "go on, you can HAVE that... it says low carb right on the label."

People should not be dependent upon these low carb goodies during the weight loss phases. Even the Atkins Center says that it is important you eat primarily unprocessed foods. They do say some controlled carb food products can come in handy, when you are unable to find appropriate foods, can't take a meal or need a quick snack. They also caution if you have trouble losing weight you may want to replace those convenience foods with protein and whole fat foods.

Colette Heimowitz, M.S., director of education and research for Atkins Health & Medical Information services, agreed with me that it is best to eat basic during the initial 2 week induction period. That is when your body is going from burning carbs for fuel to burning fat. She also said that some people, after adding in products, might be able to have only up to 1/4 of a protein bar without affecting their weight loss. People who are more active may be able to tolerate more.

Jackie Eberstein, R.N., director of education, who worked with Dr. Atkins for nearly 30 years, said that people are eating way too many of these convenience foods. The results are being slower weight loss or not losing at all. After this happens they get the false idea that low carbing doesn't work.

What does all this tell you? The "real" information isn't getting out there. People are constantly asking the question: "Why am I not losing?" Never before in the history of low carbing have people had so much trouble. These products are surely to be blamed. They are giving low carbing a bad name. It is my opinion that people need to stay away from these types of products, at least until they learn how the low carb diet is supposed to work. Only after doing the plan correctly can they can see the success they can have doing it. When they do add in a low carb treat, they will then know if their loss slows or stops completely they will know to discontinue them. Not losing from the beginning because of all these products will only discourage the inexperienced low carber. They will think the plan doesn't work, quitting before they ever had a real chance of getting the benefits of this way of eating.

So in conclusion... Please... PLEASE all you newbies... if you think that the products are there to have at will, think again. They are there as a convenience, when real food isn't available. They were not designed to be a staple in your low carb lifestyle.