Celebrating Halloween On A Diet

How are you feeling with Halloween coming up? Are you excited for the spooky season? Or are you dreading the choice between getting a sugar load versus passing up on your favorite treats? There’s a third option!

You can celebrate Halloween on a diet when you choose sugar-free candy. Netrition has a wide variety of sugar-free alternatives to your favorite candies. Low-carb, keto, or general weight loss diet, you can celebrate Halloween on a diet without feeling deprived or guilty. Here’s what you can eat to celebrate Halloween while staying on track..

Sugar-Free Chocolate Bars

Chocolate is a basic need of life for many people. If it’s on your list of must-haves, but sugar is on your list of can’t-haves, check out the selection at Netrition. Options include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. If you’re a purist, you can even opt for unsweetened, 100% cacao, chocolate bars. You can’t go wrong.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Candies

Are you the type who prefers a little something extra in your chocolate bars? Then you are in the right place. Netrition has chocolate bars with caramel, nuts, and peanuts. Speaking of peanuts, what about peanut butter cups? Yes, of course we have those. What would Halloween be without them? They are keto-friendly and guaranteed to be delicious, so all you’re missing is the sugar. If you’re holding out for a classic candy bar, a candy bar with chocolate, peanuts, and caramel just may do the trick. 

Sugar-Free Truffles and Chews

There is more to the world than chocolate. For example, Coffee Toffee and Caramel Chews are two irresistible options that you don’t need to resist because they’re completely sugar-free. Meringues are a cross between cookies and candies that melt in your mouth, and we have plenty of sugar-free flavors in stock. You can also choose from a variety of sugar-free Marshmallows.

Sugar-Free Jelly Beans

Do you get excited when you get jelly beans in your (or your child’s!) Halloween bucket, but then get less excited when you think about the calorie count? It’s time to get excited again because Sugar-Free Jelly Beans are here! They’re from Jelly Belly, so you know they’ll be good, and each bag has a variety of classic flavors. 

Sugar-Free Gummies, Chewy, and Hard Candies

Yes, we have it all! Gummy Bears, Swedish Fish, and Hard Candies in flavors such as butterscotch, watermelon, and lemon are in stock. Netrition also has licorice. Choose your favorite between red vines and black licorice. It’s like going back to your childhood without the sugar that you might have eaten back then.

Spooky sugar and calorie counts predominate at Halloween, but you can avoid the scare. Netrition has everything you need to get through this season while enjoying yourself but sticking to your weight-loss plan. Keto and low-carb chocolates and candy are abundant around here, so enjoy yourself!

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