The Top 10 Best Low-Carb Snacks for Keto Dieters

Let’s say you are on a keto diet. Your stomach starts rumbling, but you are not planning to have your next meal for hours? You need a keto-friendly snack, but what should you eat? These are 10 of the top low-carb snacks for keto dieters at Netrition.

  1. Wafer Snacks by Rip Van

Vanilla wafers are light and fluffy, and now, they are keto-friendly with 7 grams of fiber and 10 grams of fat. These come with delicious vanilla cream filling. 

  1. Cheese Bites by Kaze Cheese

Cheesy snacks are often lacking in real cheese and nutrients, but these have both. Choose from Gouda and Cheddar, and know you are doing your body good without artificial ingredients.

  1. Keto Wise Snack Bars

These little bars are perfectly portioned to satisfy a sweet craving and hunger as well, with 13 grams of fiber, 12 grams of protein, and 9 grams of fat. Irresistible flavors include Chocolate Cookie Crisp, Fudge Graham Crisp, and Peanut Butter Crisp.

  1. Genius Gourmet Keto Snack Chips

Chips on a keto diet can be a brilliant choice when you opt for Genius Gourmet. They’re not carb-laden and fried like potato chips. Instead, they have 8 grams of protein and medium chain triglycerides (MCT), which are keto-friendly. They come in Barbecue, Ranch, and Spicy Nacho flavors. 

  1. Genius Gourmet Keto Protein and Snack Bars

Speaking of smart choices, these protein and snack bars are another brilliant one for a keto diet. Each one has 2 grams of net carbs, 13 grams of fat, and unbelievable flavor. The options are Chocolate Peanut Butter, Birthday Cake, Salted Caramel, and Chocolate Dream. 

  1. Perfect Keto Mallow Munch Snack

A sweet tooth is just fine on a keto diet. Just opt for the right snacks, like Perfect keto Mallow Munch Snack. It has just 80 calories, but delivers 7 grams of fiber and 8 grams of protein. Choose from Chocolate and Marshmallow flavors.

  1. SlimFast Fat Bomb Snack Bars Minis

These are perfect for a small snack anytime. Each bar has only 80 calories and 2 grams of net carbs, with 0 grams of added sugars, but they pack in 6 grams of fat. They have a solid core with strawberry topping and a generous coating of white chocolate. Other SlimFast Fat Bomb snacks include Snack Crisps, Peanut Butter Cups, and stuffed Chocolate Cups.

  1. ParmCrisps Keto Friendly Snack

Cheesy, crunchy, salty, and guilt-free, a snack doesn’t get much better than this! It also has almonds, pistachios, and cashews for a naturally delicious, naturally nutritious snack that you can take anywhere. 

  1. Schoolyard Snacks Keto Cereal 

Cereal may have been a favorite snack as a kid or before a low-carb diet, and now it’s back. Each serving has 2 grams of net carbs, but 17 grams of protein and full flavor. Choose from Peanut Butter, Cocoa, Cinnamon, and Fruity flavors.

  1. HighKey Snacks Keto Mini Cookies

These mini cookies are sugar-free, high in fat, and low-carb, with only 1 gram of net carbs per serving, but they are ideal for satisfying a sugar craving. Flavors include Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Mint, Double Chocolate Brownie, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, and Vanilla Wafer.

Delicious and keto-friendly low-carb snacks are easy to come by at Netrition. No matter what you are craving, you can find a great-tasting, convenient snack that can fit into your low-carb, high-protein, or high-fat meal plan and that you can take anywhere. Be sure to browse all of our keto-friendly snacks and other foods to make sure you make your keto-diet as fun and effective as you can!

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