Box of the month

Netrition Box of the Month Club

Do you love getting surprises in the mail? Are you ready to get help losing weight, boosting your protein, and keeping your diet fun and exciting? Are you a fan of great flavors, easy meals, and snacks, and exclusive discounts? That is, the Netrition Box of the Month Club. Each month, members receive a unique bundle of store products and samples. No two months’ bundles are the same. Each month, the items in your bundle are carefully hand-picked by our store experts for you to enjoy.

Monthly $39.95

Free Shipping


3 Month $99.95

Free Shipping

3 Month



6 Month $179.95

Free Shipping

6 Month



12 Month $349.95

Free Shipping

12 Month



You can count on plenty of protein and great tastes each month. You can also count on getting a box full of top-quality products for a discounted price. Getting the subscription Box is the only way you could try all of these products without buying bigger quantities of them.

When you fall in love with the contents of your monthly subscription Box, you can buy them at The Netrition Store. We sell every product that we put in your Box, along with over 3,500 other bariatric and weight loss products. Plus, we guarantee the lowest prices anywhere and offer free shipping.

Count on the joy of opening your bariatric subscription box and discovering new products each month. Shipping is free! You do not need to worry about what the neighbors think because the Box is discreet - it has no bariatric- related words or logos. Boxes begin shipping on the 25th of each month. Orders received after the 24th will be shipped the following month.

What’s in the subscription box? It changes each month, so you will find out when you open it! You might get…

  • Top-selling store products.
  • Samples of our newest products so you can be first to try them!
  • Great-tasting protein bars and shakes in both classic and daring flavors.
  • Ready-to-eat snacks and/or instant meals – all high-protein, low-carb.
  • Samples of vitamins, minerals, and health-boosting supplements.
  • Other weight loss helpers, such as measuring aids.

You can count on at least 8 to 10 items in each subscription Box. You’ll get up to $50 worth of top-quality products and exclusive coupons every month. Getting the subscription Box is the only way you could try all of these products without buying bigger quantities of them. Boxes begin shipping around the 25th of the month.

Who is it for? YOU, if you want:

  • Great-tasting, fun products.
  • Exclusive discounts every month on the products you try.
  • Variety, taste, and protein on your pre-op diet or solid foods post-op diet.
  • Help losing weight with or without surgery.
  • More protein, less sugar, and more flavor.
  • Samples of new and delicious products without committing to an entire box.