Please do not order items that are illegal to import into your country. We try to make your transaction as easy as possible by providing any information we can gather; however laws are different in every Country and do change from time to time, so it is near impossible to keep up with them all. Netrition will not be held responsible if your package does not clear Customs.

If your package is seized by Customs for any reason and we do not receive the package back, we will not issue you a refund. If we do receive the package back after being seized and the products are in perfect condition and are not expired, we will credit you the product cost, but you are still responsible for the original and the return shipping charges.

Specific Items / Ingredients Prohibited To Import:

  • DHEA
  • Hoodia Gordinii
  • Melatonin
  • Yohimbe (Rauwolscine)
  • DMAA
  • 7-Keto
  • Whey protein and products containing whey protein (Although whey itself is not prohibited for import to Brazil, it is often rejected by Brazilian customs agents because it is a milk derivative and therefore regarded as a dairy product.)

  • For any vitamins, supplements or sports nutrition products, you will be required to provide a valid prescription issued by a Brazilian doctor.


    Taxes and Tariffs:

    All shipments will be subject to applicable taxes and tariffs.

    Customs brokerage fees, taxes, or tariffs are NOT included in your shipping cost. These additional charges are your responsibility upon delivery.

    The following websites may also be helpful to you:

    ANVISA - Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency
    Secretariat of the Federal Revenue of Brazil


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