NOW Better Stevia Extract Packets

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Size: 75 packets
Flavor: French Vanilla
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  • Gluten Free, Low Carb
  • Sugar Free, 0 Calories

NOW Better Stevia, Stevia Extract Packets utilizes a whole leaf extract that retains the pure sweetness of real stevia, as opposed to other products that have only isolated fractions, such as Rebaudiana A (Reb A). NOW's stevia is processed using a special enzymatic treatment that results in a clean, superior tasting stevia extract. NOW's focus on quality and freshness gives BetterStevia a well-rounded, sweet taste that's very close to that of pure sugar, without the calories or the guilt.

NOW Better Stevia is a zero calorie, plant-derived sweetener that is a perfect substitute for table sugar and artificial sweeteners. BetterStevia can be added easily to hot and cold beverages. With a taste that is naturally 60-100 times sweeter than refined sugar, a tiny amount of this low carb sweetener is all it takes to sweeten your favorite beverages, foods and desserts.




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